Quick Answer: Why Are German Toilets Weird?

Why do Dutch toilets have a shelf?

The purpose of the shelf is inspection.

You’re meant to look at the consistency, shape, color, abnormalities, etc.

before flushing, and then hope that the rush of water cleans the shelf enough – otherwise, that’s what the brush is for..

How sanitary is a bidet?

Are bidets sanitary? The answer is yes. For the most hygeinic experience, wash with a bidet, then use its drying feature or a small amount of toilet paper to pat the area dry. That way you’re not smearing anything around, and your skin will be less irritated by the dry paper.

Why are German toilets flat?

The more detailed answer is: German toilets used to have a design, where the feces first fell onto a “plate”-type of element, from where they were then later flushed down the tube. This type of design was (/is) called “Flachspüler” (literally „shallow-flusher“, but the technical English term is “shelf style”).

Do they use toilet paper in Germany?

Germans like to sort their trash. They don’t just do it for environmental reasons. Flush toilets can easily get clogged. … Toilet paper belongs into the toilet unless your sitting in an automobile caravan.

Why are there no toilet seats in France?

Why don’t public toilets in France have toilet seats? Because it was intentionally planned in this way! Although this question is too generalized, as there are some toilets around with actual toilet seats.

Do they use toilet paper in Turkey?

Toilet paper is often unavailable, so keep some with you. … This may seem slightly gross to the uninitiated, but many Turks (as well as people from other Middle Eastern and Asian countries) use a jet spray of water to clean themselves after defecating, applying paper to pat dry.

How do you stop a German toilet from running?

After you get the toilet cover off, follow the tube that attaches from the central tube to the wall. There will be a knob of some sort . Mine is a small white knob. Turn this knob towards the wall, and the water will stop running.

Why is toilet water so high in America?

The water level in toilets is a function of the height of the built-in p-trap in the toilet bowl construction. The water can not get higher than the bottom of the p-trap overflow. When the toilet is flushed the water siphons over the trap to clean out the toilet and then the inflow water fills it.

Does a bidet clean poop?

Bidets are an effective way to clean the fecal material from your butt after you poop. … Bidets, on the other hand, use a stream of water to directly cleanse your a-hole leaving you feeling as clean as if you just took a shower.

Why are there 2 toilets in Europe?

The purpose of the bidet is to help clean off after toilet use. You can use the bidet in conjunction with toilet paper, or you can use the bidet on its own.

Why are German toilets different?

Germans have a necessary obsession with energy usage and efficiency as energy costs are much higher in Europe. The extravagance of extra water literally equates to flushing money down the toilet. This is also more environmentally friendly which is sure to make any German happy.

Do you need to wipe after using a bidet?

If you are using the traditional bidet, you can dry using toilet paper or a towel. … Once you are all dried up, you can rinse the bidet or toilet to keep it clean and fresh for next use. You can now finally wash your hands with soap and dry them up using a towel or the dryer machine.

Why there are 2 toilet seats in Italy?

Italian bidets are basically used to keep yourself extra clean, and they even prevent infections.

Why do you have to pay to use the bathroom in Germany?

The operation of public toilets costs a lot of money and is not a municipal duty, so many have given it to private companies, such as the company Wall , which also sets the price for its toilets. As in train stations, these toilets are also (typically relatively) clean and usually wheelchair accessible.